DRIVEN: 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0L

The Toyota Supra; A 90s icon made famous in the 2001 film 'The Fast and the Furious' where undercover cop Brian O'Conner famously smoked a Ferrari 355 down the Californian coastline has be reimagined for 2020 by Toyota. But is it any good?

The 2020 Toyota supra has a lot of controversy around it as do most cars that have managed to gain the iconic status among petrolheads, mainly because 'its not a supra' and 'its a BMW'. However if you ask me if its a Supra I'd say yes, just look at the thing... Long bonnet with a highly tune-able inline six under the hood, 2 seater setup, sweeping roofline and a sporty rear end it really does look the part. The car I had for the past week was the new 2021 2.0L inline 4, also known as BMW's B48 engine for the nerdy ones out there.

The Specs

  • 2.0L turbocharged inline 4 petrol

  • 258hp/400nm

  • 8 speed ZF Torque convertor

  • RWD only

At first I was a bit sceptical about it being a 4 banger as I've not has the best experience with high performance 2.0's in the past but I must say the engine really suits the car, 258hp is really more than enough for daily use with its smooth revving quite torquey engine it shoots from 0-100kph in just over 5 seconds.

It being a 2.0L attached to an 8 speed gearbox its also stupidly economical for a sports car, getting a personal best of 6.8l/100km when driving like a granny. However, slap it in to sport mode, push the shifter over in to sport, drop it down a gear or 2 with the paddles and give it some beans the economy does suffer a bit and I really mean a bit, I spend day 2 with the car hooning the life out of it in the Belgian ardennes and it barely used up a tank of fuel the whole day, I covered over 500km that day and didn't really need to fill it up (I still did to be safe on my way home) Right... lets adres the elephant in the room shall we? Yes the car is built in Austria by some small german car manufacturer called BMW, not sure if you've heard of them? Now BMW is known for 2 things: A-hole drivers and very well set up cars and I really don't see what everybody's issue is with the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 being developed together. The chassis setup is perfect, 50/50 weight balance and the 'golden ratio' (According to Toyota) of 1.55 (something to do with wheelbase) makes the car handel like a dream, even though the 2.0L does not come with a LSD it was predictable, even when the tail end would slip out.

It's not just the chassis that is BMW also a lot (all) of the tech on the inside is BMW's iDrive system, although its last generations iDrive its still miles better than any competitors systems. Of course it's not full BMW, Toyota have added their graphics to it and even has its own instrument cluster with a large central tach and digital speedo off to the left. If you equip the premium package (only available option on the Supra) you get an upgraded 12 speaker JBL sound system, heads up display, leather seats and wireless charging. That 12 speaker JBL system is pretty good as well, I had ACDC on blast a few times and it sounded fantastic! What negatives did I experience with the car? To start with the 2.0L does not have the option of parking sensors but does come standard with a back up camera that is good when its dry but useless when wet. There is no exterior boot hatch so to pop it you need to use a button in the drivers door or the key, and nope it doesn't have a swipe function under the bumper. Rear visibility is ehm... non existent to say the least, honestly when reversing out of a parking space or driveway I might as well of been in a Lamborghini Aventador the over shoulder blindspot is massive, well actually its as blind as a bat. But despite these clearly very terrible 1st world problems I still found myself finding excuses to drive the car, like really, I think I went to get a can of RedBull because I wanted to drive it... I mean I done 1300km with it in the short time I had it, thats how much I liked it.

My honest thoughts on the GR supra is that it may just be one of the best 2 seater sport cars on the market, if you're looking for this type of car and are thinking about the Cayman S, BMW M2C, Alpine A110 I'd highly recommend test driving a GR supra, both 2.0L and 3.0L I don't think you'd be left disappointed, out of those its honestly the most liveable on a daily basis, mainly due to the 8 speed ZF box being so damn good. Its also a conversation started, especially in this 'lightning yellow' paint job, every time you pull up to a petrol station people will stop and ask you about the car Summary? I want one, as in I actually have a finance quote for one on my desk as I'm writing this and if that doesn't say enough knowing how picky I am with cars I don't know what will!

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