Driven: Jaguar F-type P300

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The Jaguar F-type is one of the best sport cars you can buy at the moment, a great alternative to a Porsche 911 or an Aston Martin Vantage but what is the baby F-type like to drive with its 2.0L engine?

The Jaguar F-type is available in a variation of different flavours: coupe or convertible, manual or automatic, RWD or AWD even with a wide range of engines; Supercharged V8, two Supercharged V6's, and the flavour we're going to talk about today: the in line 4

The Specs

  • 2.0L turbocharged inline 4

  • 300hp/400nm

  • 0-100km/h: 5.7s

  • 8 speed ZF Torque convertor automatic

  • RWD

Lets jump straight in and talk about the engine shall we? It seems like everybody is going 4cl turbo in their performance cars, the A45 AMG and even the new BMW M135i have one in them and my experience from driving the A45 AMG kind of put me off high performance turbo 4cl engines with their lack of power in the higher RPM's and constant need of air really took away from the performance experience in my opinion.

I was really sceptical when Jaguar first announced they were going to put a 4 pot in their flagship coupe but I was pleasantly surprised when I got behind the wheel of one.

The 2.0L in the F-type is actually really good, 300hp is a strong number for the car and since the car's chassis is engineered to push well over 500hp it also handled like a dream but more on that later.

300hp and 400nm made the car feel quite nippy, pulling almost all the way through the range with not much of a breathing problem at the top end.

It's also pretty good on fuel, especially compared to its bigger V6 and V6 sisters it really quite a bit better...

The 8 speed ZF automatic gearbox is perfect for daily use in and out of town it is always in the right gear and is very rarely hesitant to kick down when needed. Although when pushing the car on the gearbox can be very slow at times and may refuse to shift down from time to time but that's mainly to stop you from over revving the engine

The Jaguar F-type is a sports car which means it also has to handel well, and that it does.

inspiring confidence in the driver with a really responsive front end and a really quite planted rear I found it very stable in corners and very predictable to work with. The power figures are enough to break the car loose when you want but not enough to light up the rear tires unpredictably like in the larger output engines. Suspension setup is adaptable from comfort to dynamic doing both exactly what they say but even in comfort the car may ride a tad hard but not unbearably hard that you can't drive it without getting a sore back.

Design wise you cant really flaw the Ftype can you?

It's one of the best looking cars on sale with that long sweeping boney and beautiful curves specially in coupe form.

On the inside the car is really driver focussed with everything facing the diver and a large 'oh shit' handle from the center-consul to the dashboard separating driver from passenger.

The bucket seats finished in both leather and suede are very supportive, hold you in place but also offer more than enough adjustability. Everything you touched is finished in nice quality leather or metal ging it a real premium feel but some elements may still feel cheap and plasticky throughout. Nice premium tough is the digital dials to control your airconditioning and heating.

The start stop button even pulses like a heartbeat telling you its ready to go.

It also has an amazing Meridian sound system so you can listen to your favourite tunes with up most British quality.

The negatives are few but may be an issue if you requires more space, especially in convertible form storage is very limited with a tiny boot thats big enough for a duffle bag or 2 and maybe a set of golfclubs but don't expect to carry any large or deep objects in the back.

Coupe has more room in the rear due to its hatchback shape and some extra storage room behind the seats. With it having heavily turbocharged a 2.0 4cl the sound is no where near what we're used to from the F-type, being very muted with not much character its a little bit of a let down. Jaguars infotainment system can be very confusing at times as well with both the drivers instrument display and larger consul display being independent from each other it can be hard to find the setting's you are looking for at times, you can even have both in a different language if you want.

Final thoughts on the P300 F-type is that its a fantastic sports car and a great alternative to a Porsche cayman or BMW M2 but if you want 911 rivaling performance a V6S or V8 R may be a better option. But if you are looking for a car that will still draw attention, be comfortable to daily drive and wont break the bank, I'd defiantly put it on my shortlist. Thank you to Jaguar Landrover Metropool for loaning us the car

Photos shot on:

Canon 5D IV Sigma 50 1.4 Art Lighting: Godox AD600BM

7'' reflector (bare bulb)

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